What’s this here for?

What’s this blog about? Why is it here? And why the hell is it called Upside-Down Dog? These are all things you may be wondering. So I’ll tell you.



That's me, Liz Wright. I have a thing for funny glasses.

That's me, Liz Wright. I have a thing for funny glasses.

About Me




My name is Liz Wright. I am a 32-year-old psychology instructor in San Antonio, TX. I have both my B.S. and my M.A. in psychology from Bridgewater State College in MA, and spent most of my life living in the Northeast. I am currently working toward my Ph.D. in psychology at Capella University, and will most likely finish in 2011. I moved to Texas in January 2005 in order to begin my full-time teaching career, and have been here since. I have been married to my sweet botanistic husband Mike since October 2006. We have no children of our own, but Mike has a son (Kyle, age almost 9) who lives with us every other weekend and all summer. We have two dogs, Ivy, and Jasmine, and my dogs are the third most contributors to my happiness (the other two being my husband and my work).


What’s this blog about?


As someone who has always been interested in psychology, I do a fair amount (ok, a lot) of thinking and introspection. Most of this blog will reflect my current thoughts and introspections, and I’ll relate them back to the field I love (psychology). I try to throw in knowledge and vocabulary definitions for anyone who doesn’t have a degree in psychology; so maybe by reading my blog you may learn something too! Crazy! While teaching college gives me an outlet for “spreading the word of psychology,” I have long felt the need to spread the word farther, thus a blog. Will it always be about psychology? No. Sometimes there will just be blog chatter. But I will be sure to tag psychology posts as such so that interested folks can cut through the chatter. I may also throw in some of my soap-box social movements as I write about them, but I’ll tag those as such as well.


Why an Upside-Down Dog?


The title is such (for right now anyway) for a few reasons. First, most of the time when I’m typing or working on my blog I literally have an upside-down dog on my lap (usually Jasmine, Ivy’s too heavy for long-term sitting comfort). Second, as someone who has gotten to a certain point in their lives and is looking for meaning and contentment, I see the ultimate in pleasure, happiness, and contentment in my dogs when they’re laying on the floor next to me, belly up, pawing at my hand, requesting a belly rub. While this is also the “dog submission” position, I don’t think of it in that way. I think of it as positive interaction that creates enjoyment for both the dogs and for me. That’s how I would like my life to be – as much enjoyment as possible – and that’s what I want to do with this blog. Spread the word of psychology, write for enjoyment, and dialogue with likeminded (or not likeminded) peers.

Oh to be an upside down dog like Ms. Ivy...

Oh to be an upside down dog like Ms. Ivy...


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